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Particulate Filter & Emission Services

Having issues with your particulate filter? You're not alone.

The particulate filter is an item that we deemed very early on as being a headache for their owners. We weren't shocked when we started getting phone calls on them in the recent years as trucks began to fall out of warranty or be denied repair from dealerships. We did our research and came up with a solution that saves owners thousands of dollars, even going as far as creating custom gaskets and procedures that allow us to remove filters from light duty trucks. We are now proud to extend that offer to all of our customers.

Getting it right the first time.

Our goal is to make sure that your vehicle leaves with a filter well below minimum factory soot and air flow specifications. We do not simply use air or water to clean your filter, instead we have custom designed machines and practices that ensure you're getting the best service we can offer at a competitive price. 

Our Process


Pre-Cleaning Inspection

All filters are initially weighed, tested for air flow, and then examined for internal breakage.

Air Cleaning

An initial air cleaning is performed, this process allows us to remove non-impacted and loose soot prior to placing it in our machines overnight.

Initial Cleaning

 All filters are placed in our cleaning machines overnight. The machines will heat the filter up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. This process allows us to loosen impacted soot that is deep within the honeycomb of the filter. 

Final Air Cleaning

A second air cleaning is performed to remove the now loosened soot. 

Final Inspection

A second inspection is performed to check the final weight, air flow, and any internal damages. At this point in the process we verify the minimum specifications from the factory, if the filter does not meet these specifications another cleaning is performed.

Cleaning Prices