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Cummins 6.7 Perform Services Warning

Clarification for your dash warnings.

We often times receive phone calls or visits from frantic customers who think their vehicle is need of serious repairs due to the "Perform Services" dash warning. Fortunately, this warning is nothing more than a maintenance reminder. We perform these simple maintenance items in our shop regularly and they are the key to keeping your Cummins 6.7 engine on the road. 

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Crank Case Ventilation Filter

A commonly forgotten maintenance item, the crank case ventilation filter is the first step in addressing your "Perform Services" warning. Cummins recommends replacement of this filter every 67,500 miles. Failure to replace this filter can trigger numerous check engine lights. 

EGR Valve

An extensive cleaning of the exhaust gas reticulation valve is also required as part of this routine maintenance. The valve itself must be disassembled and cleaned to ensure proper functionality. In extreme cases we may need to soak the disassembled parts overnight in a cleaning solution depending on severity. 

EGR Cooler

The final step is the most time consuming. A complete cleaning of your exhaust gas reticulation cooler and an overnight soaking to ensure proper functionality. 

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Failure to address these simple maintenance items can be troublesome down the road. Potentially causing issues with the particulate filter all the way to the turbocharger. Call us today to schedule your truck in for it's 67,500 mile service today!